Fetchh. Saving the best for the last mile.

Last mile - the mile that makes the difference. The only touchpoint in logistics, last mile delivery seals the fate of a brand. With Fetchh your business will secure success - in delivery after delivery - turning the last mile into the best mile.

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Assigned Tasks Assigned Tasks

Key Differentiators

Key differentiators that make Fetchh different and better designed to meet last mile delivery challenges.

Despatch – The customer receives notifications with five options after placing an order.

  • On-time delivery - Delivery within a specific time
  • Alternate address – Delivery at changed address
  • Neighbour – Leave with neighbour
  • Drop at Kross X – Leave at nearest Kross X box
  • Hold delivery – Place delivery on hold till intimation
Fetchh Task Details Fetchh Task
Agent Assigned Task Agent Task Details
  • gps_fixed Tracking & Notifications

    On-demand real time updates and event driven updates

    Clients receive a virtual commentary from the workflow, triggered after tasks have been posted on the load board. From the moment the executives/freelancers are assigned delivery, the notifications that flash on the dashboard, will continue to update on real time basis, with specific event driven updates refreshing on priority. Changes in delivery sought by customers are transmitted through the dashboard and apps to resources, allowing route and load planning to accommodate changes.

  • contact_mailCommunication

    Triggered dispatch of communication at various stages of parcel movement.

    Customer is never in the dark about progress of delivery. Simple, short and crisp communications are triggered to reach customer by SMS and email regarding progress – from the time delivery has been assigned, through the ‘out for delivery’ status, the ETA, and finally the actual delivery with recipient information.

  • local_shippingCustomer Experience

    Greater flexibility to customers who get to choose, the “when, where and how” of delivery.

    This is the age of flexibility. Schedules will forever remain in a state of flux and availability of customers in a location can change at the last moment. Customers would love get their products delivered at a place and time of their choice, without disturbing routines, while receiving their much awaited parcel. The five different choices will meet every conceivable delivery choice/requirement of a customer.

  • settings_backup_restoreReturns

    Simplified returns removes the hassles and increases customer confidence.

    Customers who are assured of smooth returns are more open to make a purchase, unshackled from the anxiety of having to return it within a specified time. Easy returns tips the balance in favor of a sale, nudging an undecided customer to proceed to checkout.

Our Solutions

One platform multiple solutions.

Last mile, on-demand and reverse logistics – all in one unified and seamless platform.
The solution works on an integrated platform combining logistics partners and freelance executives. Delivery modes depend on choice of customer. Freelancer executives form part of the delivery solution, with automatic updates on availability and location. Synced with delivery modes, parcels are assigned to logistics partners/freelancers. Customers receive standard and special notifications regarding ETA, permitting contact with resource on validation.

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Fetchh WorkFlow

1Order Sync

Delivery/Return Logistics requirements synced with Fetchh Solutions.

Order sync
Optimized load distribution

2Optimized load distribution

The automatically populated updates on availability of Executives of Logistics Partners and Freelancers and their locations are factored in for planning deliveries. In sync with delivery modes preferred by customers and the location of delivery, optimized routes are planned.

3Task assignment and notification

The order of deliveries with ETA, and timed delivery requirements are shared/refreshed frequently on screens of Freelancers and Executives. Acknowledgement of receipt of notification regarding change in delivery mode is sought through alerts/escalated through calls.

Task assignment and notification
Delivery status digital acknowledgement

4Delivery status & digital acknowledgement

Freelancers and Executives are prompted to update delivery status through customised options (timed or event driven). Digital acknowledgements of delivery and COD/Card Payments are relayed back by executives and freelancers.

5Performance statistics

Fetchh databases that parse the information are repositories of detailed records that can be retrieved for administrative purposes or performance review.

Performance statistics

Amazing Features

  • KrossX

    Busy with work or unable to collect the package? Select a KrossBox location near you and pick up your package at a convenient time.

  • Delivery address change

    Change the delivery location of your order even when the product is in transit

  • Preferred delivery time

    We offer the convenience of having your product delivered at the time of your choosing.

  • Neighbour drop

    we can now deliver your orders to your friendly neighbor, in case you won’t be available to pick it.

  • Automated Scheduler

    Gain visibility to executives and their availability at any point in time for practical task assignment. Manage all your executives and tasks through Fetchh List view.

  • Monitoring

    Oversee executive efficiency and how quickly they take to complete tasks, improving client experience with the brand. Track executives in real-time, thereby increasing task completion levels and improving client satisfaction.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Action automated alerts and notifications between executives and external users for ongoing updates. Get real-time updates and view activity timeline of your executives.

  • On-duty/Off-duty state

    Allows executives to switch between on duty and off duty, agents assign tasks to executives based on this state and working hours.

  • Tasks accept/decline

    Allows executive to accept or decline the assigned delivery tasks.

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